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Group PlayingWe are a home based breeder/exhibitor located in Fountain and Tarryall, Colorado. We have a total of 90 mountain and foothill acres where we and the dogs have plenty of room to play.

Our mission is to raise the most stable, healthiest TMs we possibly can both physically and mentally. Our dogs are chosen for temperament and health first and foremost. While we cannot guarantee that every dog we breed will be totally free of any genetic disease, we can guaranteed that we do everything possible to ensure that they are. All breeding animals are health tested and held to a very high standard. We do show our dogs but they are primarily our family pets. When you come to us for a puppy you can expect to be grilled quite extensively on your family, facility, life style and expectations of your new family member. We are happy to put you on our puppy list, but when the time comes to place puppies, we do not take reservations. We do not place puppies in the order that people come to us, we place them according to how prospective puppy owners best fit the puppies we have available. We hope that all puppies we place will be in their forever homes, but we do realize that sometimes things come up and a dog cannot stay with its owners. We are always here to take the dog back for whatever reason. We stand behind every dog we breed, for life. And we are always here for our puppy buyers, to answer any questions they may have for the life of the puppy.

We occassionally have older puppies and young adults available. Email us for further information and please browse our pages to see what is happening at KayaKyi.


The Tibetan Mastiff and You

Spudgie  PaluIf you are reading this you are probably considering bringing a TM into your life. This is mostly addressed to those who are thinking about a TM for the first time. The TM is a guardian who was bred to work independent of man. He is therefore very different in temperament from many other working breed dogs. While they might look similar to a Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenese, they have a much more independent, guardy, and often hard-headed temperament.

The TM was bred to be chained up outside the village, home, or monastery during the day. He is therefore a relatively low energy dog, at least during the day. This is not to say that when you go out he isn't right there wanting to go with you and play or hike or whatever. He is happy to do all of the things you do. But when he is in his place in the house, or outside, during the day he is very happy to spend his time sleeping. TMs make wonderful couch potatoes. During the day. But at night he was traditionally turned loose to guard the village, home, monastery or the livestock herds. On his own. The TM is therefore very independent in temperament and they don't naturally look to their humans for direction. They know what their job is - in one word, barking. These are night barkers when left outside. They don't bark because there is something there. They don't bark because they are frustrated, unhappy, or bored. Please don't get a TM thinking that if you keep him happy and occupied he

I say thanks for assisting my family this previous year with my VA interest and my personal issues. You have been really there for me. You are truly over there for us. I want to say how we are grateful so very much. As a representative of my family members, and my many pals we 'll be there for you.

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won't bark. He will. They bark because barking is their job. It is what they were bred for. If you can't tolerate, or your neighbors can't tolerate, barking dogs at night, don't get a TM. Bark collars will only frustrate your dog as he can't do what comes naturally to him. It is like sitting a Lab in front of a pool and never letting him go in it. Or throwing a ball for him and never letting him fetch it. TMs are born to bark. Once they have done their job of barking we bring ours in for the night and they very happily settle down to sleep the rest of the night away.

Puppies in snowAs TMs were bred to guard people, livestock and possessions, independent of human direction, they tend to be very independent dogs. This means that while they undoubtedly know what you are telling them, they are just as likely to completely ignore you as to do what you ask of them. They can certainly be trained and some have been successful in such things as rally competition. But it is not their strong point. They are very intelligent and can think of far more ways not to do what you asked, than to do it. Many hate confinement and if you are ever going to crate your dog, you had best train them to it at the earliest possible age, and keep that training current. They have very strong jaws and can dismantle anything but the sturdiest of crates. They are excellent jumpers and climbers and need at least a 6 foot fence. I have seen them rip apart chain link, door jambs, windows, metal screen doors, car interiors, etc.. They often need no more reason to try to escape than the fact that there is a barrier in front of them.

So now that you are probably asking yourself why you would ever want such a dog, let me say that in the right situation there is no better dog. If you are looking for a loyal companion, who will put his life on the line for you, who will spend the day quietly near you but not demanding every minute of your time, there is no better dog. Just remember that sometimes protecting their youngest charges might also mean protecting them from their own friends when play gets rough. They are certainly not the dog for everyone, but they are the perfect dogs for some.

Please note: We do not recommend TMs for families with young children.

For more information on the Tibetan Mastiff please visit TMBRN at



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